About us

We are the largest supplier of Lida woodworking machine in Kenya for many years now. Our company is known for specializing in supply of this one powerful and quality woodworking machine that has become a popular option with many professional woodworkers in the country. We do not only ensure that you get the original Lida woodworking machine we also provide you with unparalleled education and training on how to get the best out of your investment.

Buying your Lida woodworking machine from us means you are building a relationship direct with us so we can walk through the journey together. Also, as direct suppliers you can be sure that we avail the original product to you at a bargain price. We do not use any middle men.

As a leading supplier of woodworking machines, we are proud of being associated with quality and therefore we only recommend products that we have ascertained are quality. As such you can trust us when we recommend the Lida woodworking machine to you. Many carpenters and other professional woodworkers from all over the country continue to recommend our services to those interested in investing in a quality woodworking machine and that gives us pride. We intend to continue providing superior quality woodworking machines for professionals at the most affordable prices possible.

Our customer service is second to none in the industry. We provide personalized service to our clients to ensure they can make the most of their investment. We are here for you as an authorized dealer in Lida woodworking machine to offer you the genuine product backed by the best service possible.