What makes your product different from the others in the market?

We understand that buying a woodworking machine is a serious and expensive investment. As such we supply Lida woodworking machines that are known for durability, power, reliability and good performance. Tried and tested in the country, these machines are ideal for any professional workshop.

How many functions can I perform with this woodworking machine?

Whilst many woodworking machines only perform five different functions, ours has taken things three notches higher, offering you 8 different functions in one machine. This means for you better performance and more savings since you will not have to buy so many tools for your workshop. Also, you save on space and can work professionally from a small workshop and even from home.

What should I look for when choosing a woodworking machine?

You should ask yourself what is really important to you when choosing a woodworking machine. Are you looking for more power, more functionality, a reliable motor, smooth performance or even durability? The good news is you can get it all with the Lida woodworking machine in Kenya.

How difficult is a Lida woodworking machine to operate?

Nothing would make you more agitated than investing your money in a machine that gives you a headache during operation. The Lida woodworking machine is quite simple to use. It has simple levers that are easy to turn for quick and safe control. Also, all measurements are clearly marked on the body in black readings on a white background so you can quickly and easily get the right measurements.

Is there an advantage to owning a woodworking machine over other machines?

Yes. With a woodworking machine you can save on space, save money since you do not have to invest in many different tools, enhance productivity and become more professional with your work.